The starting grids will be assigned at the discretion of the Organizing Committee in compliance with the U.C.I. and F.C.I. Italian Cycling Federation regulation.


The grid of honour is reserved to the U.C.I. ranking and also to the OPEN category athletes.
The first grid is reserved to the Top Class athletes as per Italian Cycling Federation policy Moreover, the first grid is allowed to the challenge's first 5 places per category and organization discretional choices.
The following grids are based on registration date. Will not be possible to assign the reserved grid to the late coming subscriptions.

BIBs  Grid
1-79 Elite man, Under 23 & ranking UCI
80-99 Open woman & ranking UCI
100-200 Top Class FCI
201-250 Woman
251-650 Leader & registered to challenge(s)
651-1000 Registration date
1001-1500 Registration date
2000-2500 E-Bike (non competitive)

On the indication of the race marshals the organizing committee reserves the right to remove from the race who will be caught jumping the grid and / or who will be in a grid not corresponding to its bib without being authorized by the organization.