The event is open to all athletes having licence of F.C.I. (Italian Cycling Federation) or sports promotion organization, both together having medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling, and also foreign cyclists having valid licence of U.C.I.

Registration for not licensed participants is only possible at the Assietta Bike dedicated section called cicloturisti. For foreign and not licensed athletes the competitive medical certificate for cycling is required. 

Foreign athletes can use the Healt Certificate form signed and stamped by the physician.

The following categories are allowed:

- Junior (FCI)
- Woman
- Master Elite
- Master 1,2,3,4,5,6 e 7/8
- Cicloturisti (mtb lovers)
- E-Bike (cicloturisti)

The race track of Assietta Legend runs along the road of Assietta to over 2,000 meters of altitude in a mountain environment of great beauty, retracing parts of the race track that made famous both the Tour dell'Assietta and Mountain Classic, to give life to a spectacular, panoramic, hard and fun track.  

Departure and Finish in Sestriere with a total of 58 Km and D+ of 1758 mt

Departure from Sestriere, descent along the Chisone Valley through Sestriere Borgata, Pragelato, Pourrieres (mt. 1418) after around 15 km from start, and turn left to Balboutet. Here start to climb steeply from Balboutet (mt. 1557) to Pian dell'Alpe (mt. 1821) and till to Colle delle Finestre to reach the strada dell' Assietta to go to the colle dell'Assietta (mt. 2472). From the testa dell'Assietta starts descent to Col Lauson (mt. 2497), Col Blegier (mt. 2381) and then Monte Genevris (mt. 2533), Costa Piana, Col Bourget (mt. 2299) and Col Basset (mt. 2424) at the end of the strada dell'Assietta where starts the descent to Sestriere.
Turn right after around 2,5 km of faster descent to reach the gelindo Bordin single track to go to the arrival in Sestriere.

Refreshments:  Pian dell'Alpe
  Colle dell'Assietta
  Costa Piana
  Sestriere (arrival)
Time gate:  Pian dell'Alpe at 12,00 am

The maximum race time is 6.30 hours and the closing of the finish line is expected within 3.30 pm

Assistance points:  Pragelato Olympic trampolines 
  Pian dell'Alpe
  Costa Piana (reachable without motorized vehicles)